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Dr. Dieter Holzinger

Head of Inkjet Ink Development

Dr. Iurii Gnatiuk

Product Manager Technical Water-Based Ink-Jet Inks

Christoph Lumetzberger

Senior Formulator of Water-Based Ink-Jet Inks

Melanie Weickinger

Lab Technician

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TIGER strives towards a sustainable future by producing environmentally-friendly digital printing solutions

The family-owned company is providing expertise in post-processing and ensuring the upscaling of new materials in its INKplant partnership

Since it was founded in the 1930s, TIGER has gone on to become a renowned, international manufacturer of coating systems. Originally producing only liquid coatings, in 1968 TIGER was one of the first companies to develop and enhance powder coating technology. After taking giant leaps to help revolutionize the industry, the company began specializing in the production of an array of thermoset powder coatings that are both economically and environmentally friendly.

TIGER has been a key player, both as a coordinator and as a participant, in national and EU-based projects with a strong track-record for success, making them an invaluable asset in consortium-based, international projects. As well as having contributed to FP6, FP7, and H2020 projects, TIGER coordinated over half of more than 30 national projects relating to national funding schemes.

Its inkjet team has amassed over 15 years of experience in the up-scaling of inks and dissemination of inks in the market. In addition, TIGER promotes and commercializes over 40 different kinds of ink, ranging from UV- to water- and solvent-based inks.

While the focus has so far been on decorative inks for different substrates, TIGER has worked towards the integration of functions such as special adhesion to glass or the impregnability and laminability with melamine resin. Now a highly respected supplier to the printing industry, TIGER’s role in its partnership with INKplant is assisting with its expertise in post-processing during the material development of new inks and is the main responsible for ensuring the upscaling of the new materials. TIGER’s participation is essential to assure that all the developed materials will fulfill future requirements on upscaling quality and certification performance.

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