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We are an EU-funded project that develops the fusion of different biomaterials and 3D printing technologies for body implants.

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UNE's expertise supports INKplant in developing new solutions into new standards to enhance regenerative medicine.

inkplant Project —

Living longer can be synonymous with living better

INKplant project addresses one of the most pressing challenges our society faces today, improving the life quality of Europe’s increasingly elderly population. Our scaffolds can regenerate different tissues in the human body and have the potential to reduce healthcare costs and rehabilitation time.

No two bodies are the same. We embrace the difference to guarantee pieces created specifically for each one. Currently, medical implants are  manufactured  in  standard  sizes  and  shapes. The use of  innovative  3D printing  technologies  and novel inks would enable the manufacturing of individual  customized implants.

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INKplant - Senior Woman
INKplant - Profactor Researcher

Use cases

The personalization and inner complexity of our implants will alllow us to address the repair and regeneration of different types of human tissues.

meniscus prosthesis design


prosthesis design for osteochondral defects

Osteochondral defects

prosthesis design for palatal defects

Palatal defects

dental and oral rehabilitation design

dental and oral rehabilitation

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About us —

Scientific vanguard from Europe to the world

19 partners from universities, research centers, SMEs, multinational corporations and hospitals collaborate in INKplant. A multidisciplinary team, based on excellence and innovation through technology and science.

More about us

INKplant's ambition is to make personalised medicine and additively manufactured implants a daily clinical routine, thus democratising high-quality tissue engineering treatment.

Elena Guillen picture

Elena Guillén

INKplant Coordinator.

INKplant constitutes a real challenge and a unique opportunity for collaborating with key players in the field of tissue engineering, a source of learning, and an inspiring project.

Andrés Díaz picture

Andrés Díaz

UPM Professor, WP6 Leader.

INKplant will allow the manufacturing of tailored, patient-specific scaffolds and implants via 3-D printing with innovative inks, and by this means, to improve the quality of life for patients.

Oliver Brüggemann picture

Oliver Brüggemann

Head of Institute of Polymer Chemistry, Johannes Kepler University Linz.

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