Applied Research Company


Elena Guillén

INKplant Coordinator

Sandra Haas

INKplant deputy coordinator

Michael Kainz

Workpackage 4 leader

Julia Kastner

Researcher, inkjet printing

Hannes Fachberger

Project Management support, exploitation activities

More partners

Applied research in the field of inkjet printing and surface functionalisation

Profactor is the coordinator of INKplant and will develop a new 5-axis printer for the fabrication of multimaterial implants.

Profactor (PRO) is an Austrian research company that develops new methods for integrated production technologies. Their focus is on functional surfaces and nanostructures, additive manufacturing, robotics, and machine vision.

With a long record of participation in national and international funded projects, PRO is the coordinator of INKplant. Founded in 1995,  their technological developments have always strived for efficiency and sustainability and work to benefit society.

PRO will develop a 3D-multimaterial inkjet printing process for conformal printing, curing and drying of different soft phase biomaterials around the hard phase of implants, therefore a 5-axis-printing module will be set-up. Also new inkjet printable ink formulations for biomaterials like nano-Hydroxyapatite (from Fluidinova) and peptide-based Hydrogel (from 3D-Matrix) will be developed within INKplant.

PRO is conducting the whole range from basic research to applied research. By establishing strategic partnerships with industrial partners, PRO aims at closing the innovation gap between research results and market introduction. The group involved in the INKplant project is the department of Functional Surfaces and Nanostructures (FON), whose main development focus is Additive Manufacturing (especially 3D-inkjet printing), material development, and functionalization of free form surfaces. Thus PRO laboratories are fully equipped for inkjet printing, drying, curing, and sintering process development as well as lab scale testing and upscaling by the use of industrial print heads.

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