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MUW is improving the design and biomechanical tests of personalized implants

Designing implants that fulfill both macroscopic and microscopic requirements will be the biggest challenge

The Medical University Vienna (Medizinische Universität Wien, MUW) is one of the largest biomedical research institutions in Europe, founded over 650 years ago. It employs over 4000 people, including 1600 physicians and 2600 researchers, and is linked to the General Hospital of Vienna, which is Europe’s largest hospital, with over half a million outpatients and over a hundred thousand inpatients treated every year.

The MUW relies on a “triple track” strategy combining research, education, and patient care, which enables advancements from bench to bedside and back, a unique interlinking of foundational research and clinical applications. Within the MUW, interdisciplinary and translational research is addressed by research clusters that connect 27 university clinics, three clinical institutes, and eight medical-theoretical institutes. In addition to studies in human medicine and dentistry, the MUW offers doctoral study programs (Ph.D. and Dr.-sci.-med.) in Biomedical Engineering, Physics, and Imaging, which are available for the advanced education of early-stage researchers.

Forming part of MUW, the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering will be carrying out the required research for INKplant and will focus on biomedical engineering, including medical device design and testing, digital imaging processing, optical and magnetic resonance imaging, and software development for medical imaging and 3D printing. All this know-how constitutes the basis for the design of highly qualitative 3D-printed models currently used for planning surgical and interventional procedures in close cooperation with clinicians at the General Hospital Vienna. Key competencies of the research group involved with the INKplant project are 3D printing technology using polymeric multi-materials, ceramics as well as metals, cardiovascular dynamics—both in-silico and in-vivo, mock-loops design and manufacturing, and bio-signal and image processing.

The Technology Transfer Office of MUW is also involved and is responsible for all questions relating to intellectual property rights regarding patentability and commercial exploitation of potential university inventions and technologies.


MUW is organizing the Additive Manufacturing in Medicine Symposium in December where INKplant will play a prominent role. For more information, click the following link:

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