Startup from the University of Leoben


Thomas Grießer

Co-Founder and CSO

Betuel Ece

Photopolymers Researcher

Heike Frommwald

Photopolymers Researcher

Klaus Luef

Head of Operations and Project Manager for INKplant

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Reinventing stereolithography to change the future of regenerative medicine

Luxinergy is an innovative technology spin-off from the University of Leoben, specialized in the research and development of new materials for stereolithography (SLA) and additive manufacturing systems for the production of medical aids such as orthoses.

The start-up Luxinergy was born in August 2019 to significantly improve the existing product portfolio in the field of medical technology through the combination of new, light-curing materials with excellent thermomechanical properties and a large-format 3D printer.

Polymerization is the process of liquid turning to solid by building smaller molecules into larger molecules. Luxinergy's co-founder, Dr. Thomas Griesser, has long-term experience in the field of photopolymerization (which is the polymerization of liquid by being exposed to light, typically ultraviolet) with a focus on the research and development of biocompatible inks and resins for the additive manufacturing of medical devices. Several research projects dealing with this topic were successfully established and finished within the research group of Griesser at the University of Leoben.

Thomas Griesser has more than 10 years of experience in cooperative research together with universities, and also with industrial companies and non-university R&D institutions. His group at the Montanuniversitaet Leoben focuses on the chemistry of functional UV-curable inks and resins, which are non-irritant and provide eco- and biocompatibility. In this context, alternative radical-based curing reactions are explored on a fundamental level to substitute (meth)acrylate monomers/oligomers in conventional resin formulations.

Luxinergy has access to the acquired knowledge of the Griesser research group in the field of biocompatible and biodegradable resins and inks, which enables the successful accomplishment of the INKpant's research tasks.

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