LBI Traumatology

Biomedical Sciences

LBI Traumatology

Dr. Veronika Hruschka

Coordinator at LBI Trauma

Dr. Darja Marolt-Presen

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Heinz Redl

Assoc. Prof. at the Technical University Vienna

Dr. James Ferguson

Veterinarian and Researcher at LBI Trauma

Dr. Susanne Wolbank

Ph.D. at LBI Trauma

Dominik Hanetseder, MSc

Ph.D. at LBI Trauma

More partners

LBI Trauma's renowned work in trauma care and tissue regeneration is aiding Europe's elderly

INKplant partner LBI Trauma is testing and evaluating biomaterials

Founded in 1980, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Traumatology (LBI Trauma) is a top-class research centre based in Vienna and is part of AUVA, the Austria Workers Compensation Board, which is dedicated to the continuous improvement of patient care. It is a co-founder and a coordinator of the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration and works closely with its satellite laboratory in Linz, which focuses on human adult stem cell research in conjunction with the Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service of Upper Austria.

Currently, the Institute employs around 80 members of staff including chemists, biochemists, physicians, veterinarians, physicists, and medical and electrical technicians. LBI Trauma is also committed to the education and training of physicians and students to ensure the continuous progress being made in clinical traumatology. The institute relies on several successful partnerships for support, including those with the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna (Technikum Wien), where students can study a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering and a Master’s in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine while PhD courses are on offer at both the Technical University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna.

LBI Trauma describes its mission as developing and advancing diagnostic, therapeutic, and regenerative research strategies to enable the full and sustained recovery of trauma patients. On top of integrating innovative precision medicine solutions into clinical practice, they strive to fulfill their mission by merging their interdisciplinary scientific strategy with basic biomedical, translational, and clinical research.

With an excellent international reputation and long-term expertise in the field of trauma care and tissue regeneration, LBI Trauma is a perfect fit for the INKplant project. Its main tasks involve the composition of the test structures and the pre-clinical testing studies as well as the in vitro evaluation of the biomaterials and test structures regarding cellular adhesion, proliferation, differentiation, tissue formation, and inflammatory responses. They will also be doing in vivo evaluations of tissue integration and in vitro testing.

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