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Martin Schwentenwein

Head of Development and R&D coordinator

Patricia Turc

BSc - Materials development

Sebastian Geier

BSc - Application development

Isabel Potestio

MSc - Stakeholder analyst

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Experts in materials and process development for additive manufacturing

Within INKplant, Lithoz will create a lithographic multi-material 3D printing process to combine bioresorbable and bioinert ceramics for advanced implant concepts.

Lithoz has over 10 years of experience in materials and process development for ceramic additive manufacturing. Through interdisciplinary collaboration between specialists in the areas of mechanical engineering, process engineering and chemistry, they have succeeded in developing a manufacturing system for the additive manufacture of ceramics suited to industrial and medical applications. Lithoz's patented process for LCM technology was actually the first to provide high-performance ceramic products for industrial applications that could not have been produced using traditional technologies.

Furthermore, they have profound expertise in the development of the CeraFab 7500 Dental 3D printer, which has both optimized hardware and software for dental applications and is used for the production of CE/FDA certified medical devices and in surgery for bioresorbable and permanent patient-specific implants. This system, which was later expanded into the CeraFab System S65 Medical, is especially suited to producing highly precise components for complex applications. These components meet the high levels of density, stability and precision required by the ceramics industry and ceramic research.

For INKplant, Lithoz will use a novel 3D printing platform that enables the combination of different materials in a single component while still maintaining the high resolution and precision of a lithographic process.

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