Prof. Dr. Zoltán Major

Head of the Institute of Polymer Product Engineering

Dipl.-Ing. Veronika Miron

Scientific Researcher

Dipl.-Ing. Disha Tupe

Scientific Researcher

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IPPE’s design and simulation of polymeric materials is contributing to the future of regenerative medicine

The Institute of Polymer Product Engineering (IPPE) of the Johannes Kepler University Linz was founded as part of the Polymer Science and Engineering Programs in 2009 and is active in the fields of teaching, research, and service for the plastic industry.

Research at the institute covers the entire product life cycle of plastic components, starting with component design, with the aid of the most modern numerical simulation methods, through classic material and component testing, to pioneering additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing). Specifically, the main focus is on the design and manufacturing of components made of unreinforced and fiber-reinforced polymeric materials, polymer-polymer, and polymer-metal hybrids. IPPE takes a combined virtual and experimental approach to retrieve all essential information about the materials in order to ensure reliable product development.

Integrated simulation models containing the process, the microstructure, and the deformation of components are performed and validated by subsequent component tests under service-relevant loading conditions. Failure analyses and lifetime estimations of critical subcomponents or products are of particular interest to IPPE. Component tests can be performed from small (up to 1 kN) to large scale (up to 250 kN) components at various temperatures over a wide loading rate (quasi-static to impact) and frequency range (various waveforms).

Within INKplant, IPPE has been entrusted with a number of tasks including data management, with which it has vast experience having taken part in numerous EU and national research projects already.

They will also be responsible for the simulation and modelling of cells’ mechanical environment, multiscale modelling of scaffolds, and the design of multi-material 3D structures with porosity and mechanical gradients. The institute’s experience in the design and engineering of parts with state-of-the-art modelling software allows a multi-scale approach for design, modelling, and simulation of parts for industrial as well as biomechanical applications. In addition, IPPE will be carrying out biomechanical evaluations of test structures and mechanical evaluations of single materials and 3D printed parts.

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