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Jean-Marc Frances

Scientific and Technology Coordinator

Karsten Schlichter

Business Development Manager

Dr. Clément Perrinet

R&D Manager

Dr. Frédéric Marchal

EMEA Regional Platform Leader

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Elkem contributes to a sustainable future by providing advanced silicones and carbon solutions

The company has already built a strong knowledge of the development of silicone inks for 3D printing

Elkem is one of the world’s leaders in fully integrated silicone manufacturing. It has been active in the silicone industry for over 70 years and serves very diverse markets, from energy to cosmetics, via electronics, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, construction, healthcare, mold-making, paper and textile coating, personal care, and more.

The company holds a strong position in R&D and innovation. In pursuit of its specialization strategy, it has increased R&D personnel by more than 20% worldwide over the last four years. They are leaders in pioneering technologies which ask more from both metallurgy and chemistry, and during the last few years, innovation in Elkem has focused on finding sustainable solutions.

They have since developed a production process based on extrusion principles called Liquid Deposition Modeling (LDM). This process allows the use of a new series of customized silicone materials: the AMSil™ series for use by additive manufacturing / 3D printing. You can design high-performance parts with 100% silicone with complex geometries, overhangs that are impossible to achieve using traditional mold dyes and machining in order to create elastomeric parts/objects by direct printing.

In the healthcare sector, silicones from Elkem have been known under their Silbione™ brand for many years. They have been the material of choice in many markets such as orthotics & prosthetics, medical devices, dental, audiology, and their applications.

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