Research & Development Company


Dr. Eduardo Anitua

Scientific Director of BTI Biotechnology Institute

Dr. Mohammad Hamdan Alkhraisat

Coordinator of Regenerative Medicine Dept. at BTI

Dr. María Troya 

Researcher in Regenerative Medicine at BTI

Roberto Tierno

Technician at BTI’s R&D Lab

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BTI's biomedical and biotechnology expertise is a key player in the INKplant project

Spanish R&D Center, with cutting-edge lab equipment, offers expertise in biomedicine and biotechnology to increase the quality of life for Europe’s elderly

Based in Spain, BTI ImasD S.L. is a leading private R&D company specializing in biomedicine and biotechnology. It's part of Group BTI, a multinational company that commercializes dental implants worldwide. The "BTI Postgraduate and Training Center" has aided BTI in establishing a reputation for innovative medical and audiovisual technology, as well as a solid scientific program with a team of professionals of the highest level.

With technical facilities that enable seamless collaboration, BTI has collaborated with distinguished universities and research centres such as Harvard, Boston, Tufts, Turin, as well as most of the Spanish universities and research institutions.

At its core, the INKplant project aims to develop implants that are more effective and safer for patients, and BTI S.L. is well-positioned to play a significant role in this endeavor as an end user for the future commercialization of these implants. National commercialization will be made possible through the Spanish network, while international commercialization will be facilitated through Group BTI's established global affiliates and distributors.

BTI's laboratory is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment, making it an ideal partner for the INKplant project. Their clean room features a centrifuge, horizontal mixer, inverted microscope, and weighing scales from top-of-the-line brands. The cryoprotection room includes refrigeration and freezing options, such as a lyophilizer machine and several N2 containers. The culture area is home to a cell culture incubator, laminar airflow chambers, and a UV lamp. Meanwhile, the equipment room is outfitted with an autoclave, fluorimeter, spectrophotometer, and more.

As a key player in the INKplant project, BTI brings extensive expertise in biomedicine and biotechnology to the table. With a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with the latest technology, they are well-equipped to support the project's goal of developing safer, more effective implants.

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