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Daniel Seitz

CEO and Senior Scientist

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BioMed leading the way in biomaterial development for regenerative medicine

The non-profit company’s work in tissue culture and biomedical 3D printing is helping INKplant increase the quality of life for Europe’s elderly

Founded in 2012, and based in the picturesque Bavarian town of Bayreuth, BioMed Center (BMC) is an independent, non-profit organization for biomedical and medical technology research, combining material science and biology laboratories.

Their research is focused on regenerative medicine through biomaterial development, which includes 3D printing, conversion of computed tomography (CT) data, vitro tissue culture, cell physiology, cellular and bacterial testing, and additively manufactured medical product registration.

BMC was involved in one of the first biomedical 3D printing projects in Bavaria, in which it developed powder and printable paste biomaterials, and has since advanced design, printing, and biological characterization technology. The most notable advances to date are sensor-integrated bioreactors and tissue cultures for testing the structural compatibility of scaffolds, and novel printing technologies for processing polymerous hydrogels.

Within INKplant, BioMed’s main tasks will involve the formulation of general requirements for test structures and 3D in vitro cell and tissue studies as well as the qualification and evaluation of lithographic printing of hard structures and the printing of test structures.

BMC has a long-standing cooperation with pediatric surgeons, supplying bone models for intricate skull surgery cases. This and work on ultrasound phantoms has created a solid understanding of variation in human anatomy and gender-related and age-dependent individual variation. The BioMed Center Innovation laboratories are fully equipped for ceramic material development and material analysis, as well as additive manufacturing, biological investigations, and tissue culture.

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