3D Matrix

MIT Spinoff

3D Matrix

Marie Buffier

Director R&D

Sharanya Sankar

Project Manager, External collaborations

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A global medical device company offering innovative peptide technology solutions

3-D Matrix's mission is to develop new and safe healthcare treatments that improve patient outcomes

Since the inception of 3-D Matrix as a spin-off from MIT in 2004, the company has grown to become a global peptide solutions leader. With offices serving the Americas, Europe, and Asia, 3D-Matrix employees, together with their partners and distributors, serve research scientists, healthcare providers, and patients around the globe.

Its product PuraMatrix® has been commercialized since 2015 under the name of PuraStat® as a surgical hemostatic agent. Upon contact with blood, the RADA16 peptides self-assemble and form a gel that seals the open vessels. As a medical device class III, PuraStat® has passed all the tests of biocompatibility and safety. PuraStat® is currently sold in over 30 countries by a network of distributors around the globe.

This safe-for-humans material will be a suitable candidate for 3D printing applications. Previous preliminary experience to print using 3-D Matrix self-assembling peptides showed a positive outcome. Hence, the company strongly feels that their SAP technology will be an ideal fit for the 3D printed scaffolds for healthcare applications. 3-D Matrix wants to become an important actor as a synthetic bio-ink manufacturer and leverage the R&D investment on PuraMatrix® (and PuraStat®).

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