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May 29, 2023

"Since its creation, BTI has been working on regenerative solutions and protocols for healthy ageing and improved quality of life.”


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"Since its creation, BTI has been working on regenerative solutions and protocols for healthy ageing and improved quality of life.”

May 29, 2023

Dr. Eduardo Anitua is the Scientific Director at BTI, president of the Eduardo Anitua Foundation, and a renowned practitioner in oral surgery and regenerative medicine in Spain. Awarded the National Innovation Prize in 2021 in the Innovative Trajectory category, "for exceptionally embodying the innovative spirit in service of people and the improvement of their health and quality of life, in an indisputable example of how to successfully carry out the transfer of knowledge and collaboration between the public and private sectors." Dr. Anitua is a productive researcher with an H-index of 71 and over 24,500 citations. He is also ranked as the most influential Spanish researcher in Dentistry and 56th in the world according to the "Ranking of the World Scientists: World's Top 2% Scientists" published by Stanford University.

Could you describe the main tasks that BTI is working on within INKplant ?

BTI is involved in the use of the 3D printing technology that is being developed within the INKplant project to offer a personalized 3D implants that would be of added value to both the patients and the cliniciens in treating cases with alveolar bone atrophy.  BTI since its creation has been working in regenerative solutions and protocols the all converge in healthy ageing and improved Quality of life.

Quotation markBTI is utilizing 3D printing technology to offer personalized implants, benefiting patients and clinicians in treating alveolar bone.

How do you see the role of 3D printing in the medical industry and what excites you about the future of regenerative medicine?

3D printing is now present in the clinical practice and BTI is offering services of 3D printed solutions in prosthedontic rehabilitation and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. However, we still in need of research and technology maturation to tailor the indications of 3D printing from clinical and industrial point of views. The production scalablity that adittive. manufacturing could offer is very attractive.

Quotation markFurther research and technological advances are necessary to refine the applications of 3D printing. Increasing the scalability of additive manufacturing in production is particularly attractive.

What would you say have been BTI's best achievements within INKplant?

The project is still on going and we are happy of the role that BTI is playing within the consortium where constructive interactions and environment exist. Recently, we organized a open innovación and lead users workshop where the experience and the feedback from the attendees were amazing.

Quotation markWithin the INKplant project, BTI is fostering constructive interactions and creating an innovative environment.

What are the main goals you are hoping to meet with this European project?

Establish the workflow of translating cutting-edge technology from the lab to the clinical practice.