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Biomimetic osteochondral

CAD model
CAD model
Connective tissue
Adrián Martínez Cendrero & Andrés Díaz Lantada
CC4.0 - A - SA - NC yes
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
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Multi-component/multi-material geometry for testing bone-cartilage regeneration

A biomimetic test probe for studyingosteochondral repair and regeneration is provided. The rigid bone regionor phase stands out for being designed for multi-material lithographicprocedures, such as biceramic lithography-based ceramic manufacture. Tothis end, two interwoven functionally graded lattices are provided.Their manufacture with multi-material lithographic procedures leads to abiomimetic gradient of rigid materials. Besides, a subchondral layer isprovided, in the form of a membrane with pins, whose printing or castingusing polymers (i.e. elastomers) leads to an interfacial region betweenthe bone and chondral areas. Finally, a voxellated matter apporach isemployed for reaching the soft chondral region or phase aimed atcartilage repair. Again, the design of interwoven materials, in thiscase based on voxels for multi-material inkjet or multi-nozzlebioprinting, leads to a functionally graded structure and allowsresearchers to employ different materials combined. With this design, upto three additive manufacturing technologies and 5 materials can becombined for increased biomimetic performance.

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