i-Inkplant — 3D models

Biomimetic meniscus

CAD model
CAD model
Connective tissue
Adrián Martínez Cendrero & Andrés Díaz Lantada
CC4.0 - A - SA - NC yes
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
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Multi-component/multi-material geometry for testing meniscus repair strategies.

A set of biomimetic test probes for studying meniscal repair and regeneration are provided. In all cases a rigid membrane, for sewing the construct to patient's bone and for providing structural integrity, is hybridized with a softer cushion-like lattice or scaffold for the repair or regeneration of the cartilage region.Different kinds of membranes and scaffolds are provided. Membranes are conceived for lithographic printing, selective laser sintering/melting or non-planar fused deposition modeling, using high-performance polymers, ceramics or even metals. Lattices are designed for inkjet printing or bio printing using softer materials more adequate for cartilage repair or regeneration. Combinations of additive and rapidt ooling procedures are also enabled with these designs, as some of the provided lattices may be usable as washable inserts for casting soft biomaterials.

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